Great Barrier Grief -Save the Reef


The abundant and beautiful waters off Palm Island are a reflection of the complex history and community structures of the Island, masking its troubled history and it’s community’s struggle for justice and equality. My father Albie Geia was arrested and my family banished from the Island in 1957 for his part in leading a strike to be paid in wages NOT rations.

Palm Island is currently under threat of being opened up to tourism (hungry sharks) without
community consultation while at the same time the whole of the Barrier Reef and marine life along the North Queensland Coast is is under threat from dredging to expand mining and coal shipping ports — a monumental disaster waiting to happen.

The proposed doubling of the Townsville port (65km from Palm Island) will require dredging to occur right through a dugong protection zone.

Don’t let this become more “sorry, we shouldn’t have let this happen”!

If people don’t stand up to big industry’s destruction the reef will be no more.

Since the invasion of Australia just over 200 yearsago we have seen the destruction of our marine & land environment on an unprecedented scale. Now the greedy ones are eyeing off the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef . This destruction will affect all our marine life as well as the people who survive from these waters.

Joe Geia

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