Art Work

Acclaimed singer songwriter Joe Geia has been painting professionally for the past ten years but this is not the first time he has delved into visual arts. in 1983, artist Carol Ruff incorporated Joe’s 40,000 Years into the mural at Redfern Station, Sydney.


 Restoring Redfern’s 40,000 years mural

Ten years ago Joe picked up the paint brushes again as another way to communicate his stories. He believes painting, just like music and dancing are languages of their own, the original universal languages. His messages in his art and songs are following the same method of handing down of information from generation to generation just in a contemporary context.
His latest works have stories and messages of their own, he draws his inspiration from culture, nature and current affairs. Following and learning from many other Aboriginal artists such as Lukey and Johnny Cummins.
Art for sale below are limited edition A3 prints (satin 170gsm stock) from original canvas artwork making my art more affordable .